Our Market

The GR8 Water team would like to welcome you to our technological revolution against the world's drinking water problems. GR8 Water, Inc. is poised to tackle the shortages, availability, quality and environmental concerns associated with drinking water worldwide. Whether your present source is municipal or mountain stream, GR8 Water's solutions offers superior results in comparison to all other types of potable water.

By using our patent pending "From Air to Water" GR8 Water products, you can be confident that your private water supply will not only be delicious and affordable, but also secure, pure and plentiful into the future. The applications for this innovative technological solution extend to the undeveloped world. With millions of men, women and children suffering and dying from water born diseases, GR8 Water intends to replace their hazardous and contaminated ground sources with the finest drinking water possible.

Made entirely in America from only the highest quality parts and materials, our GR8 private "Water Factories" are designed to last far into the future. By investing in your own, personal GR8 Water Factory for your home or office, you will be making an investment in the future of pure, sustainable and affordable water.