Competitive Advantage

Our patent pending filtration technology, low energy requirement, and high output of pure drinking water differentiates GR8 Water AWG from the competition. We have the industry experience and U.S.-based manufacturing facility to produce quality, well-built units that will stand up to the rigors of use. The depth of our research and development team is unparalleled by any in the AWG industry, which puts us on the cutting edge for continued advancement of water generation in the future. Our production team builds our units in a timely manner, getting them quickly into the hands of those that need them. We have a well-established current client base, as established by our sales history. It is also notable that GR8 Water has the ability to ramp up our production to scale as needed. And last of all, our experienced management team has developed marketing and sales strategies that are based on educating our customer base about what our GR8 Water AWG's can do for them.

With patent pending technology and quality manufacturing facilities, Gr8 Water is poised to be the industry leader worldwide. With consumer awareness growing and an increased acceptance of the fact that most of the planet’s water is contaminated, the market size is vast and continues to get bigger with each passing year.