GR8 Water is engaged in manufacturing and distributing Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) that can produce water from air anywhere on the planet where there is humidity and temperatures exceeding 75 degrees F. These unique devices utilize patent pending technology to produce clean, great-tasting, safe water from the humidity in the air.

The atmosphere is brimming with an estimated 3.4 quadrillion gallons of water in vapor form. Now the technology exists, with the GR8 Water product line, to produce water from the atmosphere, especially in locations around the globe where water is in short supply. GR8 Water AWG products are an eco-friendly answer to the world’s water problems, and GR8 Water offers these technologically advanced water makers small enough to serve the needs of a traditional family or large enough to provide water for a village. The GR8 Water Factory produces clean, delicious water for pennies per gallon. The amount of safe water around the planet continues to decline, but the population continues to grow. The fact is, 70% of the earth's surface is covered with water.  Ninety-seven percent is salt water, 2% is glacier water, and less than 1% is fresh, potable water suitable for drinking. Because GR8 Water serves a growing global customer base, this environmentally-savvy company is poised for exponential growth.