Atmospheric Water Generators


GR8 Water AWG for commercial use provides a large-scale solution to water shortages. Commercial-sized GR8 Water AWG's are modular in design and can generate up to 3,000 gallons of clean drinking water each day. These commercial atmospheric water generators are suitable for community, military, government, and institutional use and also can be fitted for mobile deployment and use. GR8 Water AWG for commercial use is also available in a dual-mode unit that provides as much as 160 tons of high-volume air conditioning during use. As an option, the AWG can be outfitted with a computer system that constantly monitors the machine's functions from any location around the globe. The GR8 Water AWG's will be serviced and maintained by a well-trained international service staff.


Residential Atmospheric Water Generators, also known as AWGs, generate water from the natural humidity in the atmosphere. GR8 Water’s AWG's for the home and office can generate enough water for the average-sized family each day without the need for an external water source; making about ten gallons of clean water each day at 72 degrees F and 55% humidity. The water generated with the GR8 Water AWG is one of the purest in the world and is free from foreign matter or inorganic materials thanks to the advanced filtration system built into each unit. The ozonation and UV processes that all water made with the GR8 Water AWG goes through ensure that all bacteria and other microorganisms in the water produced are eliminated. The one-of-a-kind patent pending air purification ensures that the indoor air will be of the highest quality.

GR8 Water AWG’s are completely mobile and are compatible with standard electrical hook-ups, but can also be powered by alternative energy sources. This makes the GR8 Water AWG’s ideal for use during a natural disaster when the water supply might have been compromised by flood, hurricane, or other forces of nature. The residential GR8 Water Factory can be purchased with an option to provide up to 12,000 BTUs of air conditioning.

GR8 Water Products:

The Water Factory Atmospheric Water Generator… Making water like nature does.

  • GR8 Water products are created to provide a cost-effective green alternative to obtaining pure, safe drinking water.
  • The Water Factory is “Made in USA”.
  • GR8 Water operations management assures the highest level of quality control and workmanship in the industry.
  • The Water Factory’s custom-engineered water production system produces water in a wider range of atmospheric conditions than other devices.
  • Its ozonation process is recognized as the most effective and safest non-chemical method of eliminating bacteria from water.
  • The two-stage air filtration package produces clean air.

Product Features

  • 100% 304 stainless steel water tanks
  • Patent Pending Water Technologies, International Inc. Ozonation for 100% carcinogen-free water
  • Unit purifies and dehumidifies room air
  • Internal computer-controlled LCD console display showing:
    • Water temperature and water level
    • Water generation
    • Ozonation water purification with service sensors
    • Filter change status monitor
  • Available in 120v or 230v 50/60 Hz
  • Circuit breaker (no fuses)
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant
  • 7-Gallon food-quality storage tank
  • Low maintenance
  • Instant cold

Water produced from the GR8 Water cleansing and purification process is constantly tested for the presence of contaminants and impurities and surpasses all requirements in the USA.